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Losing The Ball

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Daughter plays on 10U softball team she seems to lose the ball when the girls wind up. Does any who have any sugestions on how to fix this thanks

This is a common struggle for girls this age. What you can work on is hard and soft focus. What is happening is your daughter is watching the whole motion of the pitcher and gets lost in all of the movement. What you can work on is your DD having a soft focus, not focusing on anything but just looking at the pitcher and as she goes into the motion now she hard focuses on the hip of the throwing hand. This way she is not confused by all of the motion. A way to practice this is use different color balls when throwing a close head on and have her only swing at white ones. Also have her focus on you and then go through the motion and then hold a number with your fingers at the throwing hip and she has to shout it the number you are showing. this will train her to relax her eyes during motion and then hard focus on release point.

Scott Miller


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