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Help... New To Coaching

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I'm very confused! This will be my first year coaching a youth softball team. I played for 11 years, but never have coached before. Can someone give me a few guidelines? and any advice on how to avoid being overtaken by the girls parents and other coaches since I'm only 18?? :unsure:

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oops! I mean F3Arxn03vil,

You've definatly come to the right place! You've taken on quite a job becoming the coach for this team. I would start by asking myself, why am I doing this, whats my goal? Sit down in a quite room and ponder this for a few minutes. Then put it down on paper. After this begin creating your plan or outline of your agenda for the year. Can you say routine?

You should have a pratice routine put down on paper which includes different skills and drills, theres at least a couple hundred, girls this age should be practicing. Anything less than a well thought out practice routine (each and every day) and you'll be cheating yourself and the girls. Become a student of the game, learn as much as you can about softball as well as baseball as many of the skills and drills are obviously geared for both games. A (whatever type of coach) is more than just a coach especially when talking about youth players or in your case young adults. Be all that you can be in your endeavour and the rewards will last a lifetime.

Am I a fanatic about Routine and Skills and Drills? You bet. I'm not talking about teaching these things to win but teaching them so that the players will have thier best chance at excelling and moving to the next level of play. Will they all go on to have pro or college careers in softball? Probably not but why not give them the chance to maybe get there. Do yourself a favor and borrow a few bucks from mom and dad and start your library of books and tapes and whatever else you can get your hands on that teach the proper mechanics.

Go to www.baseball-excellence.com and get ther skills and drills tapes or the Practice tape. They are cheap but worth thier weight in gold. Go ahead and subscribe to thier Newsletter as well. If you dont have the money all at once I would say start with the Practice Planner and the video that accompanies it. You will not be sorry. Good luck and drop us line every now and then let us know how your doing.

I had to edit this post to put in here that I am in no way associated with BE. I am simply a 10yr coach who thinks the info they put out is absolutly invaluable. Also, about the parents....

If your doing your best at coaching the players properly for the most part I don't think you'll have a problem. Start with a parent players meeting and let them know exactly what your about and bombard them with info. Get them involved with things like fund raising, finances of team, trophy ordering. Let them do all that stuff and you concentrate on coaching. Have a meeting with your coaches too. If they aren't as enthusiastic about this as you maybe look further. Make sure the coaches are all capable and all on the same page and teaching the same ideas. This is your team and for the most part your commitment is to the players. If your right up front with the parents and let them know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you they'll be no sureprises.


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