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Youth Volleybal Drill Question

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I've been reading through some sample practice plans for volleyball and I keep coming across a drill called "Queen of the Mountain". Does anyone know what that is? Thanks!

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Chances are "Queen of the Mountain" is also called "Queen of the Court". If so, the drill - as I use it - is run with teams of 3's, one team on the court and designated as the current "Queens", and the rest of the teams - one behind the other - on the opposite serving line. Serving team serves, runs into the court and the ball is played to conclusion. If the team on the court wins, they remain on the court and the serving team goes to the end of the serving line. Since I like to have a "score" to determine an eventual winner, (play to 10, or whatever works for you) not only does the court team get to stay, but they also get a point. (I like to to have only the team on the court be able to receive points, but the servers could get points too if you wanted to add emphasis to serving) If the serving team wins, they move to the other end of the court and become Queens. I have occasionally had the serving team move to the other end of the court is they do not score on their serve, and go to the end of the line if they do - but that approach seems wrong to me somehow :)

Oh, have the team on the Queen's end run off the court by the sides, not down the center. It makes the drill run faster and avoids collisions.

Hope this is what you're looking for.


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