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Better Basketball

Better Basketball Read And React Offense Clinic

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Better Basketball is hosting a clinic on the Read & React Offense in Atlanta, September 26-28.

Bill Self about the Read and React, “Every single coach in our sport needs to learn the Read & React Offense. It’s groundbreaking. I believe it’s the future of developmental basketball.”

Andy Landers says, “I don’t know how I’d defend your [Read and React] offense. It gives players a logical counter for anything we could do defensively. It’s not a conventional offense, as I’ve known them. The Read and React System will change our sport.”

Better Basketball invites you to attend this unique and exciting event, at which you can learn the entire Read and React Offensive System. Highlights include:

- The R&R Offense taught to real players from the ground up

- Variations, adjustments, and twists on the Read and React System

- Time for you to consult with those coaches already running the Read and React

- Time for you to speak directly with the Read and React’s creator, Coach Rick Torbett

For more information on the Read and React Offense as well as the clinic, visit http://www.betterbasketball.com/readandreact/

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