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Help- 1st Game

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I am a new coach and I have my 1st game on Monday. I remember from playing that the girls have to line up on the back line before they play.. but cant remember how and where they stand. I have researched the internet and have not found anything regarding that. ONce on the line they go to their positions.. where is that and is there a particular order. Thanks for your help.

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When you send your players onto the court before the start of a game, most protocals have them line up in serving order with your first server somewhere in position 1 and your sixth server towards position 5. (if that doesn't make sense... Standing on your serving end line and facing the net, your first server is on the Right and your sixth server is last in line on the Left)

When the Referee signals the team to come to the net and "shake hands" or whatever they do, your first server leads the team down the Right sideline then left across the net, shaking hands, "Good Luck, Luck, Luck...." then they either return to the end line and await the Referee's signal to take their positions on the court, or, they may just go directly from the "Luck, Luck" to their positions. (that's what we do)

If I understand the last part of your question "where is that and is there a particular order" correctly, there are two possible answers: If your league or association requires it, they may have to go to the positions on the court that match the order you placed them on the line up card. So, if your card says







then #2 stays in the Right back, #4 goes to the Right front, #6 is Center front, #10 is Left front, #12 is Left back, and #18 is Center back. (actually, they go into your serve or serve-receive formation keeping those general locations in mind and not overlapping)

Some leagues allow you to use a line up card that shows your first server as the first name or number on the card even if you are receiving, which means that your first server would start the game as a receiver in court position 2, and would rotate in to court position 1 when your team got it's first serve. This type of line up card is much easier to use as it saves you the need of making two line up cards - one if you serve and another if you receive - to have ready after the coin toss.

I hope these answers match your questions, and make sense. If not, let us know, as I'm sure others can make it clearer.

Good luck....luck.....luck

Let us know how it goes.


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