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Teaching Receiver Routes

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I found a great teaching aid online to help teach the most commonly used routes to recievers and RB's. Page 1 shows the routes, and page 2 shows the descriptions of each route.

It also has some good tips for good route running technique.



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Nice---thanks for sharing. This is typically the very first thing we learn each season. I tell them if they learn anything, it will be the passing tree. It was nice because this season all my players from last season (most of them seven years-old) remembered the routes like champs.

It also allows us to run a multitude of passing plays. Most kids obviously will not remember what route to run on "85 streak" as an example, but in the huddle I can quickly go through the position and their assigned route, "RR--post. MR--slant. LG medium out", etc. and they all know what to do.

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