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Welcome to the forums and good luck with your season. Fire away with your questions as there are plenty of coaches who are more than willing to assist and don't hold back on any insights that you feel might benefit all of us.

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My name is Steve, I live in Northeast Indiana, and I've been coaching 6 on 6 flag football for the last 3 years. I made the 'mistake' of checking the box indicating that I would help out with my boys teams whe we registered the first year and was summarily made head coach of both teams. :blink: Talk about a trial by fire and learning on your feet! Boy has it been an adventure, sometimes a bit (ok a lot) crazy, but it has been a whole lot of fun for all of us and I have learned a lot about myself and about my kids in the process. I have a 12 yr old son that is moving on to tackle next season and 8yr old boy/girl twins that will keep me in flag for another 3 or 4 years. I am a recovering klutz and had a few tragic years of youth sports before giving in to the inevitable and retiring my cleats for good. I am an avid Colts fan, and am still mourning the loss of Manning, but looking forward to watching the new squad take shape this year.

I'm an IT Manager for a construction company, but I also pastor a small church and am currently finishing seminary, so I keep pretty busy.

I have really enjoyed reading the posts on this site and have learned a lot doing so. I only wish I would have stumbled on this forum 3 years ago! :D

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Hey all,

I am a newbie to coaching flag football or any sport at all. My son is now playing 4-6 8 v 8 flag football and I've decided to help assistant coach. So far we've played one game and done well and I truly enjoyed it. I think I enjoy it almost as much as my 5 year old does. It is a bit overwhelming dealing with attention spans but still worth it. Looking forward to reading all types of advice/suggestions.

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I was on here before then dropped off the forum.

I started coaching 5 on 5 flag as an assistant in the Fall 2009. Spring 2010 was an assistant again. Fall of 2010 to present (Fall 2013) I have been head coach of the Girls NFL CP Chiefs.

Had real success in my third season through 6th or 7th. Girls NFL Flag 8-11 year olds. Had 5 straight Championship games. Won three in a row. Was undefeated during those three seasons.

Then half my team aged up to 12-14 division. I kept the 8-11 and did 12-14. Both teams suffered and it was like starting over. Made a few more Super Bowls at both ages since but did not win.

Now Fall 2013 I have just the 12-14 age team. Rebuilding again and a few old players came back.

Off to a 2-1 start but the team we play this week took #3 in the Nation at the Regionals.

Glad to be back and posted my playbook on forum.

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