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1v1 Soccer Moves U9-u13

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Our kids were off for Spring Break, but we took the opportunity to work on some individual moves. I had the my kids and any others that wanted to join work on dip moves and cuts, doing 50 each with their left and their right. You could really see the progression at the end of the 50. It seemed to happen much more naturally. My question is what other good moves can we incorporate into this for later this week given I have a range of 9-13 year old kids?

One thing I noticed and tried to point out is once a move is made their should be an immediate attempt to go up field to put the defender behind you. I think later this week we will do the same drills but try to incorporate them recognizing how a defender is positioned and which direction may make sense for them to go in order to get around them. It might be hard given the age range, but what the heck...I thought we could at least bring it up. Any suggestions?

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