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I usually have my team's do mostly DB,WR,RB & QB Drills. However we throw some other stuff in there.

Heres the ones we do most with explanations of them...

If anyone wants more advanced QB & DB drills let me know...These seem to be plenty but I do have some from a coach clinic I went to last summer.Some of them are pretty advanced though.

1 - This just a back pedal drill.We usually break the team in half when we do this.Then we can adjust how they do it and actually teach them to back pedal.This is something we normally only do in the beginning of the season.

2 - This is something we do after teaching them how to back pedal.Some kids get it.Some don't.But this has increased interceptions because it teaches kids how to actually move after back pedaling.

3 - This again something that not all the kids get but we want them to be able to back pedal.We play nothing but zone defense so our safeties have to keep everything in front of them so this works well.

4 - This a drill on teaching kids to read the ball in the air.This has been amazing for us.

5 - More of a Free Safety Drill.So whether you play man or zone this is awesome for the FS.It should be a no win situation for the FS but it makes them react and read the QB,WR's & ball.

6 - A really cool drilll that kids like.We line it up with cones and they always get knocked over but it teaches them to move while back pedaling.

7 - More of a drill for our front zone guys in our 2-3/2-1-2.We dont worry about the sink hips part.Our main thing is teaching them how to shuffle.We just use cones or a bag for them.

8 - I'm sure alot of you coaches already do this.Definitely something we do more as the season is starting to see what kind of athletes the kids are but its great for conditioning.

9 - This is kind of confusing at first but the kids loved this.We didnt worry about the drop part just the sprinting,shuffle,backpedal ect...Again another drill that the kids like and is good for conditioning.

10 - Basic catch and throw drill.However this is were we teach kids how to catch with there hands and not there body and tucking the ball in.Its very very basic but amazing.Its lowered our drops.We do this at the start of almost every practice.Only takes 5-10 mins

11 - Every kid loved this drill.We have our QB throw to them.for teams who run man to man its good for coverage.its good for the WR getting open and the QB because hes throwing.We get in there as coaches and do this and the kids really like going up against us too lol.

12 - Warmup drill for the QB.I would also suggest having your QB stand with both feet towards the WR and him just swinging his hips and not moving his feet.

13 - Another warmup drill for the QB.Gets there arm going before practice/game.

14 - QB drill.I just have the defenders wave there arms back and for without moving there body.

15 - RB drill.We do this for kids who like to juke.We want kids to take 1 step and get up field and not run backwards or try to juke kids.We want them going up field.Good results from this

16 - Whooops same as # 10 lol

17 - Tip drill.I'm sure most of you coaches already do this.Sometimes we will have the WR tip it and have a defensive guy behind them to go catch it.Good practice for your QB throwing also.

Coaches feel free to post up any drills you have with pictures here also.


















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Great drills rush, appreciate you sharing. Here's one we use to warm up before games. We keep it moving fast and emphasize scraping on the flag pulls.


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Adding 3 vs. 3 to my drills. Team A on offense, Team B on defense, Team C on sidelines waiting to come in.

Rules: Team A on offense has to make it past 10 yds with pass or run. Team B on defense has to send at least one rusher every time from 7 yds out. If offense can't convert, they go off, Team C on sidelines comes in on defense and Team B is now offense. Keep rotating, if offense coverts, they stay on field, team on sideline in now on defense.

Keep it moving fast, so teams should be switching out without coaches reminding them. Make sure on each team kids switch playing center, WR and QB. After 15 minutes, losing teams have to run to a specific place on the field (hopefully near other teams practicing), jump up and down 3 times while LOUDLY yelling..."I lost at 3 on 3!"

EDIT: I had a team with 4 players, so I made up some plays for them also. My 4 player team had a developing player, no real hot shots.





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Added a few more drills to our practices. The handoff drill might seem simple, but if you get it going at a decent speed and reward proper form with no fumbles, it rocks. Kids like it too.

Who is the receiver drill worked well and the kids enjoyed that also. Key is teaching them to watch QB for signal and to react quickly. Defender needs to deny pass if possible.


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Anyone have any to help with QB accuracy?
I'd look for any obvious fundamental mechanics that need to be tweaked first. Things like:

1)are they dropping their throwing elbow too low?

2)are they watching the target or watching the flight of the ball?

3)have them pick a place on the receiver and focus on that.

4)are they pushing off with their back foot?

5)pronation of hand upon release?

A few drills we used:

<<we used a partner on this drill

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Hey coach nice post. The game of football is won at the line of scrimmage, if you control the line of scrimmage you control the game. I work so many linemen drills. Nice post, great responces!

Coach Jeff

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