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Soccer Drills

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Everyone. I decided to launch a weekly letter/post to trickle out free drills. I will try to post here as I release them (as long as nobody objects). It is that time of year to start prepping and building a library for Fall season, and even for those of you involved in summer tournaments. I will pick a topic each week (dribbling, passing, shooting etc..). Hope it helps.


U6-U7 (maybe U8) Soccer Dribbling Drill:

Depending on the size of the group, mark off an area with cones. It needs to be large enough for everyone to fit into but not too much space that they are far from each other. Put a sock in the back of all the players shorts, hanging out in a manner it can be grabbed. Shirts must be tucked in for this soccer drill to work. All players start within the designated area (cones) and are not allowed to leave. To start the drill blow the whistle. Each player must dribble the ball in a controlled manner, if a player goes out of the designed area then they must sit out until the next game. Each player must dribble and try to pull the other players tail off, but again - stay in control. If a player's tail is pulled then they must sit out. When a tail is pulled just have them drop it on the turf. When you get down to two players then call the game because it just becomes too difficult to grab the tail. The goal of this soccer drill is to teach them to use their body as a shield and control the ball. Most important, it will make them aware of what is happening around them while dribbling. I have found good to talk to them between each game and point out what is occurring. Dribble with you head up so you can see what to avoid.


U9-U10 Soccer Dribbling Drill:

Place 10 cones in a line. You may want to have two or three lines depending on the number of players. Spacing should be 1 yard apart, and in a straight line. The players will then dribble through the cones, each time using a different technique. First time, player can use any part of either foot to go through the cones. Please discuss with them that soccer speed and control are both important here. Second time through use only the right food, third time only the left foot. Fourth time, back to either foot but they can only use the inside of their foot, next either foot using only the outside. This soccer drill is an excellent way to improve control and foot speed in combination. The coordination involved to master this soccer drill takes time but can be extremely valuable as the player grows older. I would repeat this drill at least once a week until you start to see a difference and encourage players to do it at home on their own. Dribbling is a soccer skill that will always be used at all levels and this drill will improve the players skill at their own pace.


U9-U10 Soccer Dribbling Drill w/Purpose:

Create a 20x30 yard grid, larger if you have more players. Break the soccer team up into pairs. Try to do this randomly to avoid players creating clicks within the team. Each pair will need a single soccer ball. One pair of players will enter the grid with one player starting with the ball. His goal is to dribble and shield the ball from the other player for as long as possible. If the other player gets the ball he then tries to do the same from the other player. You should time this for roughly 30 seconds and then switch to the next pair of players. Have them switch partners. Point out to the players that using your body as a shield is an great soccer tactic. Also, after one round, point out that the player with the ball also has the option to dribble to space and move away from the pressure. I like this drill because it also helps teach aggressiveness. Depending on the number of players you may want to have multiple grids going at the same time.

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