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As a coach, Jesus Christ not only impacted billions of people with his message, but he impacted the lives of many people when he was alive, he inspired men and women that walked with him to carry out his message unto death, he is valued as a great leader by people who do not even believe in his message, and his message and life story has been passed down and advanced from generation to generation for the past two thousand years.

After learning about these unique qualities about Christ from a leadership perspective, not only can I make a strong argument about him being the greatest leader of all-time, but there are several different leadership concepts that we can all learn from Jesus as well. For the next few moments, I want to share with you the following key leadership qualities that we can all learn from Christ.

Coaching Principle #1

Jesus Christ Shows Us That Coaches Must Have Courage

When you read about the life of Christ, you not only learn about an amazing man, but you see a leader who had the courage to speak the truth with it was not popular, stand up to any challenge or obstacle that came his way, and give his life for the betterment of mankind. These three experiences in the life of Jesus Christ reveal to us how powerful we can become as leaders when we have courage.

Coaching Principle #2

Jesus Christ Shows Us That Coaches Must Have a Purpose

The fascinating thing about the life of Christ is that he not only took time to help people in need, and reach out to those who others may have considered outcasts, but he also stayed focused on his ultimate purpose as a leader. As leaders, it's great to take time for extra things in our life, but it's also important that we stay focused on our initial purpose and vision as a leader regardless of how hard or rough are circumstances might be in life.

Coaching Principle #3

Jesus Christ Shows Us That Coaches Must Be Forgiving

I think one of the hardest things to understand as a leader with so much pressure riding on your job is that everyone who works with you is going to make a mistake and no one is going to be perfect at their job. In essence, at some point, someone who works with you may frustrate you, but how you deal with that person can determine your success as a leader. In the life of Jesus Christ, Peter, one of Jesus' closest disciples who would start the first church, not only denied, rejected, and betrayed Christ, but he made many mistakes walking with Christ as well. In the midst of all these mistakes, Jesus not only forgave Peter, but he empowered Peter to continue his work on the earth. This powerful truth shows us that a compassionate and forgiving leader can go a long ways towards helping a team or organization be successful in the 21st Century.

Coaching Principle #4

Jesus Christ Shows Us That Coaches Must Have Integrity and Be Honest

Any leader who desires to be effective in the 21st Century with this emerging generation in America must be a leader that has integrity and is honest. When you learn about the life of Christ as a leader, you will find that he was not only honest with everyone, but he was a man of Integrity. In essence, he was a leader that not only talked the talk, but be lived out his message for others to see as well. As leaders, it's crucial that we are honest and possess integrity like Christ.

Coaching Principle #5

Jesus Christ Shows Us That Coaches Must Have Compassion for Others

When you study the life of Christ from a leadership perspective, one of the key aspects of his effectiveness as a leader was his deep compassion for others. In essence, Jesus Christ was a leader that showed great compassion for everyone regardless of who they were within his circle of influence. This compassion for people in need and those that others may not have cared about is easily seen in several different stories throughout the Bible. As leaders who desire to be great, it's crucial that we have compassion for others in need and those who have the opportunity to serve as leaders.

Coaching Principle #6

Jesus Christ Shows Us That Great Coaches Leave a Legacy

Although I believe there are many qualities that make up a great coach, for me personally, the key quality to me that determines whether a leader was great or not is their legacy. Basically, any leader that desires to be great must be someone that not only makes others around them better, but leaves a legacy for future leaders to carry out past their lifetime. As a leader, Jesus Christ not only left a legacy, but he made others around him better. If anyone desires to be a great leader, it's crucial that they leave a legacy in their profession and field of interest and make people around them better.

Adapted from Joshua Fredenburg - All Call to Action

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