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Thank you Orange...We implemented alot of these last season and ended up with going 7-1 and scoring easily over 150 points...

Coaches dont forget to get your kids tons of catches in practice.They might only get the chance to catch 1-3 balls a game but they need to catch at least 30 balls in practice.Trust me it can be done.We had players stand 5-10 yards and play catch with the proper catching technique and we rarely dropped passes.This drill helped out more than you could imagine & it only takes 10 mins tops...

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Have to throw my suport for these drills, ran several today in practice and they went well. Tipping drill with two players and with a third defender, great drill. Catch the ball in the square against a defender that is hassling the heck out of you, another great drill. Several other drills in there we used too.

On the passing/catching drill, we pair up the kids and emphasize looking the ball into your hands. Then the coaches walk around, standing right next to the receiver (within inches) talking to them as a distraction. We have contests to see which pair can catch the most passes with no drops in 60 seconds.

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