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Coach Charlie

8-on-8 Playbook (for 5-6 Year Olds)

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New Coach here. Just got a call on Friday to coach my son's team. I am glad I stumbled across this today. It is very useful and full of information. I see that there are a lot 5-on-5 plays for O & D; but I am having a hard time find plays for 8-on-8. I would like to know if anyone would be willing to share some plays, I would greatly appreciate it. Any other suggestions on drills or practice ideas, would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Coach Charlie

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I coach 4-5 year olds and 6-7 year olds in 8 on 8 and I have found that there is a vast difference between the things you can do with the kids at each age level.

This is only my first year doing this and what I have learned has been on the fly from the games and not time tested, so I defer to others who may have more to offer here.

In our league the linemen are not allowed to block or screen for safety reasons, they essentially have to stand still or get out of the way which affects the way we draw the plays up.

We run the majority of our plays out of the wishbone, 5 linemen spread out a bit wide and then the QB and two RBs. At this age, the kids are still a bit hesitant about running between the linemen to get to the ball carrier, so the amount that you spread the linemen can be used as an advantage.

Out of the wishbone we run:

1. QB keepers where the QB fakes the handoff to one of the RBs who then runs out wide pretending to have the ball while the QB runs around him toward the sideline. This usually takes half of the defense out of the play.

2. QB sneaks where the QB takes the snap and runs right through the C-G gap upfield, while the RBs run to their respective sides to keep the defenders on the outside there.

3. Normal handoffs where one of the two RBs gets the ball and goes off tackle upfield while the other RB and QB do exactly what they would in #1.

4. Sweeps where the QB hands the ball off to the left RB then takes off along with the right running back toward the right side of the field both pretending to have the ball. The left RB then follows them running outside of them.

We also run a simple reverse where we have a single back and one WR. The QB takes the snap runs toward the receiver and hands it off. The WR then follows the RB to the other side.

DISCLAIMER: With the 4-5 year olds these plays only work sometimes because their attention span is only so long. But we keep the plays simple enough that the coaches can remind them what to do even at the line of scrimmage and we can get the plays off. With the 6-7 year we actually do more like double reverses and WR screens, and but since you said you were coaching 5 and 6 year olds that stuff may be too difficult to execute.

I hope this helps.

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