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I am a new, young track and field coach of a small middle school track team of about 20 to 30 athletes. Yesterday was their second practice and I gave them a 10 minute run to scope where the athletes were at. Every student walked, and most of them walked a majority of the time. How do I handle this as a new coach? Is it expected for only their second practice?

Second, I have struggled with what to do with athletes that don't want to be in the sport, but are forced to by their parents. I had to deal with this as an assistant coach for basketball in previous years. Punishment was always to make the athlete run more, but the athlete wouldn't give the effort. When I would threaten to send them home they'd just say "good." As I realized that talking to the parents at that point didn't handle so well. I have found this really difficult and I believe I already have a few athletes with the same attitude in my current team. any advice?

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