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Just thought i would discuss my thoughts on the usa youth football clinic at the colts complex in indianapolis. If anyone has a chance to attend one of these it is a deffinite MUST GO!!

The hardest part was me being out of shape and running 8 hours of football drills...lol. Yes it was not just talking, you actually ran the drills yourselves. Which imo as hard as it is

like they said at the camp, you can't just say to your youth players drop in your 3 point stance, or 4 point stance. Or how to reach block, angle tackle, and all the other nuiances that come with coaching football if you cant do them yourself. Which made definite since to me. Full of some great speakers, coaches from all over attended and there was over 300 coaches that were there. So if you have a chance for only 40 dollars trust me it is worth its weight in gold the knowledge you obtain.

Oh just be prepared to work your !@@ off, lol. I felt like i was back in school again...haha

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