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Youth Sportsmanship: A Call To Research

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Dear parents and guardians,

With the ongoing changes in the messages of sportsmanship taught to your youth, the levels of sportsmanship have decreased, affecting the ongoing behaviors of your child. As a student at the University of Northern Iowa, I am conducting a study to help find and solve some of these concerns. I need your input and opinions concerning your perception of the attitudes and messages of sportsmanship being taught to these young individuals. You are all invited and encouraged to participate in this online survey.

Why should you participate?

• As a parent or guardian your feedback and participation is essential to the ongoing effort to increase sportsmanship among youth athletics. These attitudes which are taught and developed may provide lasting lessons which can effect future behaviors both on and off the field. This survey can help you voice and opinions and attitudes about the way your child is being taught sportsmanship. At any point in this study, you can refuse to answer a question or drop out of the study. Your participation is completely voluntary. Your participating is highly valued. Many thanks in advance on my behalf.

• Although you will receive no direct benefits from participation in the study, the results obtained may offer a better understanding of youth in athletics and the sportsmanship they portray.

How long will the online survey take?

• From beginning to end, the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

How do I get started?

• Please click on this link below to begin the survey: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/242404/attitudes-on-youth-sportsmanship-messages-in-the-making

The survey is available:

Currently to the beginning of June

Thank you for your time and consideration. I appreciate your cooperation.


Nathan A. Link

University of Northern Iowa

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