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Double Team Definition?

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OK, I am going to ask a question I think I know the answer to, but because of my limited basketball knowledge I would like verification from other coaches who definitely know the rules and definitions.

My son is playing 3rd/4th grade basketball this summer, and in his game last night we played a team that was really alot better than ours. The opposing team was very aggressive, and did a few things I don't think were legal.

Our league rules state no double teaming, but on several occasions when our kids would have the ball near the goal, they would have 2 or 3 defenders surrounding them with their hands up preventing our player from shooting or passing.

Is that not a double/triple team?

If not can someone please explain why? If so, our coach and ref should've made a point as it happened quite a bit.


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Coach Rob    25

Sounds like double/triple team to me. When we played 3rd/4th you couldn't double team, which meant if more than one player ended up guarding a player no matter where they were on the court, it wasn't allowed. Pretty sure they allowed us to call a switch on defense though.

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hollad6636    0

I agree with CRob. That is a double team but it doesn't really matter what we think. You need to bring it to your league administrator and get clarification. It maybe how they are going to call it or it maybe a situation when the refs need to be made aware by the admin. Either way you need to know how it is going to be called in the future so that you can properly prepare your team.

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YMCA Coach    1

As usual I'm a few days late to the discussion, but wanted to add in my own thoughts. We had our first game this weekend, and ran into a similar situation.

The rules state that above the free throw line double teams are not allowed. Well, their guard dribbled around one of my defenders, heading for the foul line, and my weak side guard moved over to cut him off. The whistle blew - illegal defense, double-teaming. I asked about the ruling - does this mean if one of my players gets beat he needs to stop playing, or do we have to allow them to drive, etc.

We hammered it out with the officials at half-time, and it all worked out, but my point is that it tends to be a nebulous ruling that's hard to pin down. But as I'm fond of saying, it is what it is!

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