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Drills For Son

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I have coached various sports for many years, but am taking a break while my son (9) plays basketball this summer. He's a decent "driveway" player---by that we play 21, "around the world", P-I-G, etc all the time in our driveway, but am not sure how much this is teaching him for organized baskteball.

Thus I'm wondering if anyone can provide (fun) drills that can be implemented by a nine year old and his dad to help hone my son's skills. His team has not had a practice yet, but in talking with his coach my understanding they will run a man defense.

Any and all tips are duly appreciated. Thanks!

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-dribbling with head up (not looking down at ball) - have him dribble towards you, while you hold up fingers, he has to shout out how many you're holding up.

-dribbling low/high with one ball

-dribble with two balls

-google "pete maravich ball handling and dribbling drills" (best for him working by himself)

-shooting- you can pass to him as he's facing away from basket. Make him "square up" to basket before taking shot

-use sidewalk chaulk and create different spots on court (closer = less pts, further away = more pts). How many pts can he score against you or friends in 60 seconds? Can move to any spot on court, only two layups allowed.

Hope that helps!

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Great drills, Coach Rob.

Great topic, and as I've coached my son for years, I get it. I can't work with him as much as I'd like, so I give him dribbling drills for him to work on by himself.

One other drill that I like is to teach him a 1-dribble shot. Jumpshot, preferably. Simply ensure he starts by pivoting on his opposite foot (left if he's right handed). He pivots, a single quick dribble and step then right into his shot. I've learned with my older team (10-11 year olds) and helping coach an AAU team that it is a great weapon against tight man coverage and zones.

Sounds like you're off to the track, good luck!

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