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Increasing Vetical Leap

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Coach Bennett,

It is very hard to reply without knowing what age boys or girls you are coaching. I hesitate to just offer a group of exercises or drills because used with players who are not physically ready - primarily knees not fully developed - can cause injuries that they may never be able to recover from. As much as I hate to say it, have them check with their Doctor before they start any serious jumping program.

That said, here are three books that will give you a pretty good idea of what jump training -plyometrics - can do for players ready for it, and lots of exercises and drills:

- Peak Conditioning Training for Volleyball, Thomas Emma, Coaches Choice, ISBN 1-58518-862-X

- Complete Conditioning for Volleyball, Al Scates/Mike Linn, Human Kinetics, ISBN 0-7360-0136-0

- The Ultimate Guide to Weight TRaining for Volleyball Second Edition, Rbt. G. Price, ISBN 1-932549-36-6

If you are coaching players who are not well enough developed physically for the stress for plyometrics, you can make good improvement in jumping ability by having them learn the proper footwork for movements along the net to block, block jumping, and of course, proper footwork for spiking. (even if they can't spike yet!) Oh, almost forgot one of the best exercises for jumpers...jumping rope.

Hope this is of some benefit.


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