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Recovery Times For Pre-Season Sports Training

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Hi, these recovery tips are taken from a rugby coaching blog http://rugby-coaching-blog.com but they look relevant to other sports and should be helpful to other coaches out there!

In pre season, players must rest and recover.

Here are five ways to work on better recovery times.

1. Straight after training: light stretching, cool shower (not hot bath), stay off the feet, drink water and sports drinks.

2. Rest days: define a rest day for each week. That means no training. It has a funny psychological effect of making players think they should be training on the other days!

3. Rest injuries in pre season. A player should isolate their injury and work on other areas. Leg injuries – upper body work. Upper body, running or cycling.

4. Recovery can include recovering the mind as well. Play other sports.

5. Sleep! Encourage players to take early nights to help their recovery process.

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