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Scrimmage During Practice?

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I am an assistant coach for a Featherweight team ranging in age from 9 to 11 (with some younger/heavier). We run the Single Wing offense and have spent much of our practice time in groups focusing on “assignments”. When we do get the offensive unit together, we run the plays on air or if we have a defense in place, the offensive player will find the defensive player to be blocked and “form fit”. My responsibility is the Offensive backs, so many of the blocks are down-field (Line Backers/Corners/lead blocks). In practice, obviously everything looks great because the O-backs have a specific location to run to and they form fit their block, however, in the games we look awful. Big surprise, in the game, the players down-field are pursuing the ball and there are typically more players in the vicinity of where the block was to take place … so the O-backs get somewhat confused and are not sure who to hit first. I think the breakout groups are good for a portion of the practice, but I do not feel we are preparing the boys for “live” or “real” situations.

Also, with the only real live contact occurring in the game, I made the observation that the O-backs are not prepared to elude tacklers, are having a little trouble hanging onto the ball in “live” traffic and the “rookies” are a little tentative about being hit. In practice (due to time) we have virtually spent little/no time on down-field blocking (total of 30 minutes for the year), hanging onto the ball in traffic (total of 20 minutes for the year) and “cutting” drills (0 time this year).

We only have practice 3 times a week for an hour and a half. We have been following Dave Cisar’s philosophy on practice, but I am not seeing the expected results. Are we doing something wrong?

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I think you should work on going against different kind of defense's in practice.different fronts you'll see so that they are ready.do some hitting/pop drills for the kids so that they are prepared for contact.

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