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Key Elements Of Mental Toughness In Sport

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An interesting article in the September 2010 issue of Forbes Magazine looks at the mental toughness skills of elite athletes (for the benefit of executives, of course!).

At the root of mental training in sports is this question: Are you mentally tough enough to compete?

It's not simply a matter of an athlete's knowledge, ability and skill in their sport. It's also their psychological preparedness for the game, including:

i) skill in dealing with the stress of strong competition

ii) recovering from mistakes and failure quickly

iii) determining strategies to tackle tough situations

iv) adjusting with each circumstance and game

v) collaborating with the team

vi) celebrating successes but not becoming overconfident

vii) staying positive before, during and after the game


Editorial Staff, sportsvisionmagazine.com

Visual, cognitive and intelligence skills for elite athletic performance

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I think this subject is very interesting, I'll have to look it up. I'm always trying to work the psychological side of sports with my players and kids. I know that you can mentally propel yourself to a higher level. I love it when you see what I call "gamers," the ones who raise their level when the going gets tough. Talk about mental toughness, these few thrive in the stressful environment and make things happen where others wither.

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