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The Dutch Volleybal Federation (Nevobo) is seeking for methods/ways tot increase the number of boys in our sport.

Since the start of Cool Moves Volley (volleyball for 6-12 years) a lot of kids started with volleybal, but much more girls then boys.

I was told that's also a problem in the USA too, largely due to American football, which is your number 1 boys sport and has over a million athletes playing at the school level.

I was wondering, what is your experience, what do you do to get boys play volleyball???

Thanks for any reaction, information!

Bert Brinkman

Teacher Volleyball Academy and member projecteam Mini-Volleyball Nevobo

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I would have sworn that I sent a reply a week or more ago???? But who knows which key I hit?

Based on my experience over the last ten years, I'd guess that the failure of boy's volleyball to reach even girl's volleyball levels is probably because most areas (and boys) consider volleyball to be a girl's sport. While the USAV Junior Olympics program in the Carolina Region has been increasing the number of boy's teams some every year,I believe they still quite often have to play girl's teams a year or two older than themselves to be able to compete. In addition, club soccer - probably much more than US football - and basketball (since its also a indoor winter sport) have well established programs that many more adults have understanding of, and are more likely to support.

I have had an almost annually request at my middle school by 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys to form a boy's team. While that might "unbalance" the number of girls and boys sports, the real reason that we do not have a boys team is that there would be no one for them to play.

Over the last 5 years or so I have had a Saturday Volleyball Club at the school, open to both boys and girls and every now and then a few boys come, but I suspect that they come more to be around the girls than to be serious about volleyball.

Glad to see you're still in volleyball.

Take care... and let's hope you get more replies.


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