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I wanted to pass along something that happened to me earlier this evening.

I was at my oldest daughter's 8th grade basketball game. I had taken a stroll with my son, to use the "facilities" at halftime of the 7th grade game. On our way back to our seats, the mom of one of the 7th grade players, who I had coached in kindergarten, stopped me.

She wanted to thank me for being her daughter's coach 7 years ago.

She told me if I had not been so good with the kids and done so well with them, she doesn't think her daughter would have kept playing.

She went on to say, they think about that first year she played, a lot.

I've had parents thank me, before. I think we all have. I've had some go a step further and really tell you how much they appreciate you.

This one was 7 years later. That meant a lot to me. I was honestly speechless for a few seconds.

I started coaching before I even had kids. I've had people ask me why I do it sport after sport, year after year, sometimes taking 2 or 3 teams at once. Well.......there's the answer.

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