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mike UK

5 On 5 Help In The Uk

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Hi guys, im new to this forum but i am a youth footbal coach based in the UK. I have already read a huge ammount of information which has been extremly helpful to me, so thank you. Anyhow this season i will be running my sons junior varsity team 14-16yrs which in the UK (due to league rules) is 5 on 5 but fully kited. We start training in Jan and our season is May-September.

Previously i have been involved with varisty teams which is 11 on 11 and we have been running the wing t for the last few years.

But i wondered if any of you guys could give me the benefit of your experience and advice on a philosphy for 5 on 5 football??, even though we are full contact i still see us benefiting from almost flag plays????

You will be pleased to know that football is alive and well on the other side of the pond. Check us out at www.northwesternbulldogs.co.uk.

Cheers Guys


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