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Winter Season

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We started out the season well, with two very well executed games. We won our first two pre-season games 17-8 and 19-4. Based on that, we were assigned to the upper division. Note: YMCA, 3rd grade boys, random selection to make up the team.

We got to our first game. I knew the other team was pretty good with a fast PG and a big kid down low. But they only had 4 players and we had all 8 of our players. We started the game anyway, and they scored a quick 2 points. Our kids just looked like they couldn't wake up. It was an 11am Saturday game. Eventually, we were down 2-8. Slowly though, our kids made one bucket, then another to bring it to 6-8. Last minute of the game, we called time, set up the play and our PG drilled it at 13 seconds to set the tie. As bad as we played, I was going to be happy to go home with a tie.

But, the fat lady hadn't sung yet.

At this age, the defense has to retreat back to the half court line. They can only apply defensive pressure once the offense crosses mid. 3 seconds on the clock. The player inbounds by rolling the ball (like bowling) to the PG waiting at half-court. He picks the ball up, takes one step and heaves the ball. That ball went straight through the net. It was a beautiful shot. Great game, but we lost 10-8. No video from anyone though.

UPDATE: We found video. It starts at about 6 seconds in to this video:

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