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And So It Begins ...

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Okay, opening weekend, and we had the 2nd game to be played. The first game, the season opener, ended in a close game, we had no reason to believe ours would be any different.

Just a quick review of my team. 10 players (one of whom has been injured since before the season started). I requested several players, and most were not assigned to my team. I knew most of them prior to the season starting. Once again, I have the shortest team in the league. Always happens that way, for good or ill I don't know. But I've got a team where I've got my bigger guards playing underneath.

Anyway, game starts off, we lose the tip-off, and the other team drives, gets fouled, hits one of two. 7 seconds in, 1 foul and down 1-0. The thing is, from there, it improved dramatically. We dominated from there on out, primarily with defense, and finished up winning 29-10. Some people might not agree, but I even pushed them as the game drew toward a close. The fourth quarter started, we were ahead 16-6. I told my players to look at the scoreboard. And I informed them that the score was now 0-0. I wanted a ten point lead at the end. Well, they won the quarter 13-4.

I was so proud of them, of their defensive effort. There were nearly no offensive rebounds, despite them having a height advantage over my boys - 3 of their boys were taller than any of mine, and I had the shortest 4 players to step on the court! But they worked hard, boxed out, fought for position, and in the end that made a big difference.

The offense started off rough, but picked up and we had an assist on over half our baskets, so it's coming along!

1-0, can't start better than that!

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