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Just wanted to share this...

On Friday February 13, 2004, the home of Barry Bonds’ personal trainer was raided by investigators probing for information related to Mr. Bonds’ alleged use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. Both anabolic steroids as well as records detailing the use of other such drugs by elite athletes throughout major league sports were found.

This event occurred a mere three weeks after President Bush offered in his State of The Union Address the necessity to get performance enhancing drugs, namely steroids, out of sport at all levels. President Bush was specifically concerned about the message being sent to young athletes throughout America.

Young athletes, as well as their coaches and parents, need to know that there are proven ways of developing optimally from an athletic perspective which DON’T involve ingesting illegal, unethical and potentially harmful drugs.

This information is of a paramount concern to the athletes, parents and coaches of our communities. People have to see the message that athletic glory IS attainable with proper guidance and DOES NOT require incorporating dangerous, illegal and unethical habits into ones life.

- Brian


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