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If you're coaching young soccer players it's sometimes hard to find games that progress their skills but which the players enjoy. This website has a lot of specific information for different age groups, including young players. Check it out at http://www.footy4kids.co.uk

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Coach Dave,

Thanks for sharing. What kind of drills and small sided games would be beneficial for the 6 to 9 year old age range?

Hi, this is the link to some drills and games for 5 to 8 year olds. http://www.footy4kids.co.uk/5-8_year_olds_drills.htm

One of the games, for example, is Blob Tag, you may need to follow the link so you can see the diagram that goes with the game. http://www.footy4kids.co.uk/Blob%2520tag.htm

All the players are inside the grid. All but three have a soccer ball at their feet. The three without a ball form a 'blob' by holding hands. The blob moves freely in the grid and tries to kick any player’s ball out of the grid. If a player’s ball leaves the grid he/she joins the blob.

Once a chain has six or more players, have it break apart into two smaller chains (of three people each). The last player dribbling is the winner.


"Stay away from the blob"-- that's the purpose of the game.

"Don’t get trapped" -- move into space away from the blob.

"Keep control of the ball" -- don’t kick it too far away.

"Work together" -- the blob must work as a team. They must stay together when kicking balls out of the grid.


Change the size of the grid. Bigger grid makes it easier for dribblers.

Have blobs break into two players per blob. (Harder for dribblers).

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