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Drills For Boys

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Hello there,

We are still busy with making volleyball more interesting for boys. Here in the Netherlands, with the introduction of Circulation Volleybal, as I wrote before we do have had a boost of new kids playing volleyball, but mostly girls. So we still didn't find the solution to reach the boys. They play soccer, they play tennis, fieldhockey, but they don't play volleyball. We have had some clinics around this subject, but we still haven't find the right answers. Some people said that the answer is to get better coaches, but I don't think this is the only answer, because the problem isn't a typical dutch problem, many other country's do have the same problem. Some people said the way we introduce volleyball for younger kids isn't the best way to reach boys, but I don't think this is the whole answer, because the way we play volleyball with kids under 12, is different from the way they do in for example Belgium, is different from the way they do in Norway and Sweden is different from the way you do in the USA. I think the answer could be somewhere in the middle.

Right now, I am searching for volleyball drills, specially drills boys like to do. I mean (I think boys like those drills) where they can attack, where they defend.... I also think boys ur anlike to compete, so drills where they can compete other players, or other teams.

I hope you, readers of this forum, could help me. Please sent me your volleyball drills, perhaps also experience, your answers on the problem I wrote about. You can of course use this forum, this would be great, but you can also sent me a email: eam.brinkman@gmail.com

With kind regards,

Bert Brinkman

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