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Mistakes Happen

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Some of my favorite plays I've designed over the years came from a busted play on our end. In other words, we run a play--something on it does not work, but it allows me to see how the defense reacts, so we make a play out of it. ;-)

This happened in our last game. Pro-set formation. The "full-back" exectutes a fake left and we give to our RB right. We also give reverse it (faking to the RB and giving it to the fullback). Simple play.

However, when my QB turned to hand-off in this instance, our full-back forgot to do the fake. Both he and the RB stood there while my QB was turned stretching the ball out for the hand-off. Both the fullback and RB turned and looked at me, holding their arms in the air as to say "now what?". You've probably all seen busted plays like this before (parents screaming, "Get the ball!" etc.). After about FIVE seconds, my QB smartly turned, looked downfield and hit a player wide-open.

It worked because pretty much the entire defense saw it was going to be a hand-off and they all ran up to the LOS just waiting for the QB to hand if off. It was the long pause that displayed "Who do I give it to? You or you?" that really sucked in the defense. I think we can actually make a designed play with that and will roll it out in our next game.

Note this probably won't work in leagues that allow full on blitzing, but because we know when a team will blitz, we know when to call this.

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