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We are a software company developing Football Software.

Based on advice from football coaches we found out that coaches have lots of issues

with the software for organizing their games.

Some of their issues are

- Cumbersome spreadsheets management.

- One huge callsheet which gets reused every game but has no history of previous games.

- No visual corelation between the Playbank and Callsheet.

- Cutting and copying makes to hard to keep track of games/plays/callsheets.

- Need of specialized printer for printing.

Our software offers

- Effective playbank and callsheets creation.

- A centralized place for storing plays and game callsheets.

- No spreadsheet to manage.

- Ability to print callsheet and player wristbands separately for each game on any printer

- All plays/callsheets are visible on the coach's dashboard.

- Historical record of the playbank and previous games callsheets.

We believe that the solution we offer will help coaches in their day to day management of coaching football.

Register free for the first 30 days at (currently used by coaches all over US)


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