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Who am I and how did I get here: I'm a father of a 5th grader starting his first year of full contact Football. I play grade school ball years ago 1989-1995. This past spring I tried out and played Semi Pro Football for a new team here in Central MN. So I thought it would be fun to help coach on my sons team. I played OL DL and these are the positions I know. Now last Thursday nigh at the parent, player, and coaches meeting I found out that I am the only current coach for the team. This is how I found you in a panic to learn drills and how to play some of the more keyed ball handler positions. I learned yesterday via YouTube how to hand off the ball. I need a few 1.5-2 hour drill and practice plans to teach my player the fundamentals. Ow and to make thing worse I currently have 9 Players. 8players are 5th graders and never played before and One is a returning player from last year. The other 5 team have returning coaches and a spit squad of returning players (6th graders) and new 5th graders.

Wow what underdogs we are. Thank for any clarity you can give me.

Coach Corey Applegate

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I am in the same boat, but I volunteered for Head Coach. I am kind of a control freak when it comes to my son. Anyway, I have coached many other sports and more specifically, I have coached flag football for many seasons. I am now coaching contact football at the 7/8 year old level. Anyway, I met with alot of the coaches in my league and talked with other high school coaches about how they conducted practice. I would think with all your experience, you should have some good contacts. First and foremost, I hired (talked in to) 6 parents to asst me. They are invaluable. I have assigned jobs to each. I also have a team mom that handes a ton of emails and passing of information to the parents.

However, my practices have been structured this way. Keep in mind I have 22 kids on my team.

10 minutes active warm-ups

20 minutes broke out in 3 groups for drills (tackling dummies, oklahoma drill, blocking, etc. All teaching proper fundamentals.)

20 minutes broke out in 2-3 groups for skill based fundamentals such as routes, handoffs, snaps, etc. Also, Oline and Dline blocking, spacing, gaps, etc.

20 minutes with offense and defense running through spacing, assignments, etc.

20-40 minutes of scrimmage and going over assignments and plays and just reps.

Water breaks between. This is just a basic practice plan and you add and subtract based on what you want to accomplish.

Think about what you want to accomplish and break it down in to drills.

Google practice plans and you can find alot of good stuff out there. However, talking with seasoned coaches is great! They love to talk about their teams and what they do. Go visit some local high schools.

Oh, I have just attached the NFL, Youth Coaches Manual and it covers EVERYTHING. I found it on the web and really like it. Downloan this and print.

Good luck!


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