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Coach/parent/player Pact - My Version

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Another coach, maybe Johnp2, posted some time ago about a Pact he made with his team and the parents. It set forth his basic philosophy and expectations so there was understanding up front. I liked that idea and used it last year for my team. I think it worked well so I updated it for this season. I am attaching my version of the Pact, which I call "The Champion's Pact." We used Notre Dame's "Play Like a Champion Today" as one of our team slogans.

If you have any comments about other things you might include in the Pact, please post them.

The Pact Updated 11-08-27.doc

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I like it, especially how you have sections for parents and yourself. Great job!

I actually have not brought the pact out on the past few seasons (mine was for players only). Reason is we have the same group who signed it way back. A few seasons ago, one player asked in an early practice "aren't we going to sign the pact this season". I explained that the have already signed it and it will always be in effect. I then asked them if they could (as a group) recite the 10 bullet points, which they did. Obviously that was a proud coaching moment for me. ;-)

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Great job on your version of "The Pact", like it a lot. That John guy comes up with some decent ideas once in a while. Most of my players/parents have been with us since 2nd grade so they know the drill. Have four newer kids this season, so I'm probably going to "borrow" your players section and give it to them at the next practice.

A few tweaks on the players section I might make:

Current: I give great effort on every play and at practice.

Possible: I give 100% effort on every play, both in practice and during games.

We tell our kids to "leave everything on the field" - exact same as yours, just different words.

Current: I use good sportsmanship. I never argue with the referee or my teammates.

Possible: I use good sportsmanship. I never argue with the referee,my teammates, or an opponent.

Might throw something in their about not using rude language when referring to an opponent. No smack talking kind of thing.

One thing you could add to the parents section similar to kids speaking up:

If I have a problem or question, I will get with the coach(es) privately and address my concerns. (not a huge deal, however, I've seen parents make funky comments when everyone is standing around in a larger group)

If you add the above to the parents section, probably need to add to the coaches:

I will make time to address any concerns from the parents on my team. (or something along those lines).

Don't want to open up a can of worms by adding those, the intent isn't for parents to come questioning a coach's play calling or subbing practices, it's more for safety, rules, and general questions or concerns.

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Thanks for posting this as I think this one of the most imporant things for new coaches or new teams to do. This will cut down on a lot of team issues down the road.

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I recently attended one of the Notre Dame "Play Like a Champion" courses. Excellent course that I wish was required for all parents and coaches of student athletes and rec leagues. It talks about the imprtance of making sports fun for kids, and getting them to love the game. Also talks alot about player rotation recommendations and player/parent/coach conduct.

If any of you are interested, you can read more about the program here:


BTW, I really like the PACT, and agree with Rob's suggestions.

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