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Need 7 Vs 7 Playbook For New Coach. 1St And 2Nd Graders.

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Great web site but I cannot find any 7 vs 7 play books that I can open. Would really appreciate someone's help. I introduced sweep right and sweep left but I think the defense will catch on quick. Also, I was planning. To run a 3 up and 3 back zone defense. Any ideas here? These kids attention spans are not that long so I need a hook to get them to pay attention. Thanks in advance.



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In my league I have come up with some plays we are trying, that build off what other coaches on this forum have done with 5v5 or 6v6 playbooks. I've just added in another receiver and drawn up my own routes that pull defenders away from where I want the ball thrown to a primary or secondary receiver. My basic formation is 2 wr on one side, 3 on the other side with no HB in the backfield. Running isn't very productive in our league, the QB can't run, there is a rusher after 4 secs, and the defense can rush if a handoff occurs. I threw out running plays after week 1 and went more towards the end around as my run play which sets us up for passes which is what the league mostly does on each team. We have 3 plays to get to midfield and a 1st down, then 3 more plays to get into the end zone.

I use the end around to set up a run, and then run several plays that use that misdirection to fake the defense. You could use an I formation and a HB sweep to the same effect, run a sweep, next play runa sweep but the HB passes. Run plays that set up other plays and fool the defense. As one coach on here said - 1st down run a sweep right, 2nd down run a sweep right, 3rd down run a sweep right where HB passes to the WR on that side who is on a fly route down the sideline. Set them up, knock em down.

these are basic plays I will be using - If I can scan in my playbook I will do that so you can see what I came up with. I did make up some 5 WR floods and can post those also, but it's only our 3rd game and that formation is untested on the field so far.

End around run

End around - WR double reverse

End around - WR handoff and the WR passes

End around - fake WR handoff - QB pass to Center drag

End around - fake WR handoff - QB pass to Slot drag from weak side

4 WR set - outside WR do a cross, and I have my last slot receiver and center do opposing 5 yard drags.

sorry this is basic, but I don't have my book with me and this is just by memory at them moment.

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There are many great websites that publish flag football books. The majority of the sites provide downloadable playbooks which can be easily printed and are ready to take to the field. There are plays that are color coded flag football plays for 5 man, 6 man, 7 man and 8 man flag football. The play books are easy to teach, the kids really enjoyed learning them, and the plays really helped us compete.

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