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Guest William Frazier

I am a 19 year old middle school sprinting coach.. i am open to ANY suggestions that anyone might have on how to get them a little faster.(drills) We won our first meet but the next two coming up are not going to be as easy and i told the kids that, but i know that have the potential to be a little faster in the 100, 200, 4x100, and 4x200 i am looking for something that will help them stride it out close to the end and maintaining their top speed as long as possible.


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William Frazier,

We have justed added a new video to our collection from University of Alabama Head Track and Field Coach, Harvey Glance. This video is packed with 105 minutes of techniques, drills and tips on sprinting, relay and hurdles.

Training for Track and Field: Sprints, Hurdles and Relay


Schann Holladay


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