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5 On 5...no Throwing Quarterback, Please Help With Some New Plays

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I am currently coaching a 8-10 year old division, 5 on 5 game with five second wait before defense blitz, QB can run after the 5 seconds, Velcro single flag pull player is the division config here.

My prior seasons I have had some very talented QBs that can throw long distances. This season I have smaller players and none have the arm strength needed to throw a long pass. Without this, my current playbook is very weak as it favored long, accurate pass plays heavily.

I do however have a few good set of hands that can receive and some very fast talent for runs and a great group of kids overall.

I am looking for 6-8 new plays, 3-4 short pass and 3-4 running plays. I am thinking different formations to throw off the defense.

Does anyone have anything that has worked for them that fits this bill?

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Trips right formation has worked great for my 8 y/o team. Most defenses concentrate on starting in the middle. So iverload the R or L with 3 players

C. WrL WrR


On snap the QB rolls toward the cluster looking for an open receiver. The center takes a 2 yd post. WrL heads 2 yds upfueld then slants slowly toward the middle. WrR slants down sideline. RB hangs tight waiting for play to develop. The QB can look for WrL on the way lateral freezing the D but hopefully the edges were soft and WrR is wide open at least 10yds downfield. If no openings your RB can take a handoff and reverse the ball across and up field. Using the center as a stationary block if needed. The key is to make sure the RB does not pressure the handoff especially if a pass is open.

Run this twice, go to RB for the long reverse on purpose to set up defense for that pass on down 2 if needed.

Power I formation. (Hand off, Hand off Fake + reverse, and Hand off fake roll and pass),

Play 1 - Hand off Left

Play 2 - Hand off left fake, WrL reverse

**After fake L handoff QB has to turn back to D and hide ball from D while WrL comes around for actual handoff going R**

Play 3 - hand off left fake again, QB must continue roll away from D and toward R side of field for a pass to WrR.

These are very simple to learn and execute. Long passes not required. At least 10 - 12 yds is all the distance needed.

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One play I have. split out Wr on each side of c and line up a RB to the left of QB in shotgun. On snap, QB gives ball to RB running right behind him. The Wr on right comes back around for reverse on snap. On one play RB keeps ball down right sideline after faking to Wr coming around. Another time RB can hand to Wr on reverse. The fake and keep by RB seems to always work. You can also send out c and other Wr for short passes and either RB or Wr can throw to one of them as another option.

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