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Nose Tackle Blowing Up Running Plays

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we play five on five wit nine and ten year olds. No qb runs, rush from seven yards...pretty much straight NFL flag rules. We have scored thirty plus in four of seven games. The other games our defense have kept it close as we have lost by 1,6,8 and 9 points and have put up at least two touchdowns.

Last year in the younger group we only saw man to man one time. It started the same this year , then we ran into some man and adjusted

Now we have been seeing combo defenses. Teams are manning against our two main guys and zoning the rest.

Normally we run a lot of missdirection and quick slants and drags. Today we had a team whose nose tackle killed us. He wad so quick into the backfield he was blowing up all our runs. I Need some advice on how to approach that if we see it again.

Due to the perfect storm of circumstances I have only five players. Two are very quick and have decent hands, although one likes to dance to much a nd has focus issues. My center has great hands but no speed. My other is in her first year and still learning. She is actually the fastest but is a little unsure of herself yet and doesn't quite get the finer points of runnin she runs good patterns but is still inconsistent catching the nall.

My qb is smart and has only one or two picks all year and none in the last four or five weeks. He also can catch the ball out of the backfield nut isn't real quick

We normally go out of a balanced set wit the two best Guys split to either side and my female player in the backfield to avoid confusion and misalignment

Our league had unheard of parity this year and is really up for grabs. Any advice you can give me is appreciated. We did netter the second half against them wit some center to middle passes as they tend to rush about half the time from the same spot


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Sorry for the typos in the first post. My desktop internet is out and I had sent it from the IPOD.

After doing some thinking on it, I have come up with a few ideas.

One of our top two guys does a good job snapping the ball. I thought about moving him to to center. If they man on him and leave the nose tackle in place, as they did today, they would bascially have two guys in one spot. It might help clear out some other areas.

They were more or less manning up on our two "wide outs" letting the nose control the rest of the run plays and keeping two safeties back. One safety, almost exclusively from the right side, would rush and the other would play bacl 12 yards or so.

A lot of times we had the opening to hit the RB out of the backfield, but did not have the time and, as mentioned, she still is inconsistent catching the ball. Plus, we had 40 mph gusts today.

I am thinking about moving my normal center to one side or using him out of the backfield, with some quicker routes, as he understand the nuances a little better.. We should be able to move the ball better, even if it takes away the "big play" chance. I also think the back safety will stay home because of the threat of the center catching it over the middle, where we had success in teh second half, and breaking it.

They are well coached enough that I don't think we can continue to go to the same well, play after play, but it's a start.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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We play 6v6 and last season we faced a team who put their BEAST at NT. The kid was 13 years old, 5'11" and could run like the wind. I actually know him and his parents, and the next week I saw him on the field I jawed at him for destroying us...he said "Sorry about that. One of my coaches said he counted 19 flags." :-)

Essentially he was doing just what you described, as soon as we would hand off, pitch, whatever, he would be all over it. We could not throw against this team as the rest of their defense was as talented as he was. In fact he batted down three passes at the LOS. For the first time, I actually started drawing plays up in the huddle.

One play we did run on him a few times that worked was single wing left formation, I had my QB turn left and fake a pitch to the wing back and then quickly turn right and shuffle it to the Center who ran about three yards to the QBs right. Because the NT was so aggressive, he was either called for a penalty for jumping the LOS on the pitch, or if we got it to the Center in time he was still going after the wing back.

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Thanks for the input.

I've been toying with a few ideas, if we run into them again. Man to man only really gave us issues the first two or so times we faced it. We've just never ran into a team that had that aggressive of a NT.

We had success with our bread and butter play we use to start the game with. We go balanced with a RB and everyone except the right WR runs a pattern going to the right. The QB rolls that way and the right wr holds. The QB looks eye to eye at the center the whole time and at the last second drops the ball down for the wr who takes an end around.

If the defenses goes right, which they usually do, it is almost a guaranteed td and at the least a good chunk of yards. We got them on that to start the game, the guy blitzing evne broke it off to cover the Center, then, to his credit they never bit on it again.

I thought about switching one of my fast guys to center and having him hold at the line. If they man and leave the NT in place, they have two guys covering my center, if they blitz I've created a numbers game. This team isn't really high powered offensively, so, I think if we get that third td, we should be ok...

I also thought about overloading one side...and throwing to my normal center out of the backfield...going the other direction, perhaps after a fake handoff to hold the NT. My normal guy isnt real fast but he has great hands and caught a handful in the second half against them, going straight out...Heck, I can even go balanced and throw it, add a roll that way or soemthing.

We just rely so heavily on our run game, with those two particular guys, to open things up. When the other team takes that away, it is hard to adjust with a limited roster.

Thanks again.

have one more regular season game before the tourney starts. Thankfully, I have a group of kids and parents that understand you try some things through the year and see what works. One mom was ecstatic that her son got to play QB on one play, even though it was a handoff we used at the end of a game, just to get our QB a chance to run for a change...U have to love those kinds of parents.

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An overly aggressive NT can be fooled with misdirection. I'd bet if you ran just one end around, every time you faked it thereafter that NT would be jumping hard to that side.

And if they are manning up on two of your players, do things like line one up wide left, the other right. Bring the right one in motion and stand him next to the one on the left. You are taking your two receivers out of the play but also their two man defenders. Now you are 3 on 3 with most of the field in front of you.

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I think that is what I am leaning toward doing.

We got our tourney brackets yesterday and if we both win, we will play them in the second round.

The suggestions helped me think it through a little.

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i coach in upward, 6v6 3rd and 4th graders.

i only have challenges with the rush when we pass. for runs, we use misdirection and you have to have quick developing plays.

we mostly see zone.

when passing, we do 2 things to beat the blitz. first, we roll the qb out 50-75% of the width of the field. you have to teach the qb to stop and plant his foot before he throws. second, we spread out all the receivers on one side between the center and the sideline. I send the center and sideline guy deep. i have the other other 3 go medium with 1 on the sideline, 1 straight in front of where the center started, and one between them.

we mostly see zone. what usually happens is a defender will pick up 1 of the 3 kids who do a medium depth route, and 1 or both of the deep routes go uncovered. sounds stupid but the defenses usually don't shift over, and the coach on the other side thinks you area going to run some sort of trick play to the empty half so they usually tell at least 1 man to stay over there. the dbacks are usually content to cover someone, and they don't realize that they have the medium routes double covered and have left the deep routes uncovered.

you can run this to either side of the field. after the other team has seen this play/formation a few times, i like to change it up. i'll roll the qb out still but have the sideline wr run and endaround and take a rolling handoff from the qb. or i'll have the receivers go a little deeper and have the sideline wr run a drag underneath - by the time he gets to midfield he usually has clear sailing.

the other thing i'll do is fake the end around and throw to the rb after he's past the QB.

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