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Johnp2 Season

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Game 1

We had our first game of the fall season and it was extremely lop-sided (54-0). We were up 40 points at the half, and I actually considered asking the opposing coach if he wanted to play the second half, but did not want to offend him. I actually hate games like this and did everything to keep it managable. I was proud of my players as they won with extreme class. They have been around a long, long, time, and they are fully aware that they can be on the other end of 54-0 come our next game...so they were fairly business-like in their approach.

I assure you the rest of our games won't be like this as we have two 'select' teams that joined our league from a select conference a few miles away---although one of them lost this weekend to a team that's been around for a few years in our league (heh-heh)

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Game 2

We played our second game and tied 32-32. My team played their worst game in two years, and I had my worst coaching performance during that time-span. We were down two TDs then scored three unanswered TDs and then gave up a TD late--so it was an exciting game. This team we faced was pretty much a one man team. They had a kid that was half a foot taller than anyone on my team and all they did was throw it to him high (he scored all their touchdowns). In fact, it got to the point where we were triple-teaming this player.

Everything went against us in this game, gave up at TD on last play of the half, dropped two easy extra point passes, had an interception that was popped loose and caught by the opponent who scored, etc., etc. I told the players the good news is we played our worst game against a good team and still managed a tie.

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