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Do You Give Tips To Other Coaches?

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I'm pretty close to a lot of the coaches in our league (i.e. we'll socialize outside of football). This season we have a lot of new coaches, so I'm only friends with about six of the 12 coaches in our league.

Forever, we've had a support system among us in that we will provide scouting reports to one another after we play a team. For example, I received a call from the coach who is facing the team we played last Saturday in his next game. I detailed for him what to expect and my suggestions on how to attack their team (i.e. who their best players were, the type of defense they run, play selections, etc.). Essentially anything to give him an advantage. I notorious for this, and have no problem telling any coach about any team I have faced---so I get asked a lot. Ha!

Do we do this among our own teams? Absolutely! I know my team is typically one of the most highly scouted teams, and coaches know what to expect from us---the unexpected. ;-)

Just curious if any of you guys to the same with other coaches in your league, and/or you think this is unethical.

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I know most of the coaches in our league, and thus a majority of the players each season. I talk more to the players 10-12 year olds, than the coaches, and tell them what to watch for against certain teams. We have a good number of coaches I just don't like and I smile whenever a kid on their team sees me and runs over for a handshake, or goofs around with me at the coin toss. LIke you John, I spread the ball so much, other coaches tell me they can't really plan for us, even though some of them beat us soundly.

I say it's fine, and expected in our league also.

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