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Having A Website For Your Team

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I'm currently coaching a 7th grade boys competitive basketball team. We have two practices per week, up to 3-4 games per week and tourneys in-between. Decided to look into putting everything on a website and found several youth sports sites. Ended up going with Team Snap. Nothing fancy, but it does everything I need from producing a game/practice schedule to sending out reminders. I have no financial interests in Team Snap, so this isn't me trying to pimp a product.

Wondered if anyone else had used this type of thing to help keep their team(s) organized?

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Hi Rob,

Yah I did the same thing for a few seasons for our flag football teams. I chose to go with Weplay at the time, as it was the only one I could find that was free. Probably there are alot more options to do this now.

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I started a facebook page for our 5-7 y/o flag team, not so much for the kids but for parents and family, it made it way easier than txting, emails and calling to notify parents of schedule changes and such.

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Curious if Rob went through with the Website and/or facebook page and how it worked out? this seems like a really good idea and somethign to establish before the Parents Meeting. Might be really good if you can get the other parents to get engage to assist with pictures/videos of games/practices, on top of another means of distributing the game/practice schedule.

(from a technical standpoint it may be easier/more professional look to use a build a website tool, something like squarespace and register your own domain)

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As I mentioned above, I ended up using Team Snap and like it.

Here are few of the pro’s from my perspective after using it for almost 250+ games/practices:

-It simplifies communication regarding practices, games, and events

-Everything is in one place - easy to record/change and not worry about it (with reminders set)

-Easy to schedule practices, games, and events with location details and notes

-You can have auto e-mail reminders on all events (practices and games)

-Option to have auto text reminders on all events

-You can include links to maps for everyone on the schedule

-Track who is bringing refreshments or helping with stats

-Track who is coming to practice or games (very helpful)

-Posted motivational videos (link) in the message board section

-Posted teaching concept videos (link) in the message board section

-Ability to track our season records

-They have mobile aps for both Android and iPhone

Keep in mind, I live in a big city, which means we travel a lot for practices and games. Looking back through the number of locations I've put in Team Snap, it’s over 50+, easy. We play in several leagues all year round, plus tournaments. Currently, we’re playing in two leagues at the same time, so we’ll have 2-3 practices per week, plus 3-4 games per week (double-headers). So, my perspective is a bit different than someone who might use it for one or two seasons.

I think it’s only $6.95 per month for the basic and $9.95 if you want a few more bells and whistles, with no contract. You can cancel anytime.

Here’s the link: http://www.teamsnap.com/faq.php

Again, I have no financial interest in Team Snap, just liked them out of all the sites I researched.

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