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My son has played NFL flag football for over 10 seasons now.

Now that he is getting older (5th/6th grade level), we wanted to find a new challenge that was more physical than regular flag football, but with less risk of injury than regular pop warner tackle football.

Luckily for us, we found the perfect league being started here in the central texas area that combines the perfect elements of both leagues into one.

It is called "Extreme Flag Football", and allows the kids to wear helmets and shoulder pads. The kids can wrap up the ball carrier or pull their flags, but cannot tackle or take the ball carrier to the ground. It is an 8 on 8 league that does allow hands on blocking.

We have played 3 seasons in this league now and really enjoy the concept.

We just completed our fall season in this league and went 10-0 and won the championship.

If you are interested, please check out their website at the link below:


I've included below a link to the highlights from our fall season. We are the Black team, The Dragons


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Thanks Rob. No you can't rush from anywhere, but you can blitz. You can only have 3 defenders rushing the QB at a time, and they must be within 5 yards on either side of the ball, but you can drop a lineman back into coverage and blitz a linebacker, and run other stunts like that.

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This is a great idea. Having coached my son in flag and this past fall I coached him in full tackle and will say that part of the issue with the transition is the fact they have all this gear on and helmets and it takes some getting use to. So, this eliminates that "getting use to" while makes them feel comfortable about not getting smashed. Throwing and catching with pads and helmets takes some time to get use to. Now, I say that the only issue will be breaking that fear of hitting or taking a hit. I say there is about a 2-3 year learning curve to fulling get comfortable with the concept. That is a neat league. I wish we had something around here like that.

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