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Need Help Putting Together A Skills Camp For Girls

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to put together a camp this summer for girls ages 3rd grade thur 8th grade. I guess the thing that I'm most looking for is how to plan and organize this. The do's and don'ts. Advice on mistakes you may have made putting together your camps. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I plan on making this a parent daughter type camp so that I can teach them drills that the two of them can do together along with drills that just the individual can do by themselves.

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First decide how much time you have. How many days will the camp be and what are the hours of the camp?

The next question is how much court space do you have and how many girls will be attending. Are you opening this up to the community, a league or just a school?

In my experience, besides a lot of drills you are also going to want to provide time for playing the game. With your age range unless you have a lot of court space you may have a difficult time with that.

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