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Teaching 10 Yr Olds Motion Offense

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We are trying to implement motion out of a balanced offense ( 5 on 5 ); however, it seems to get blown up in the backfield when the defense rushes. Any thoughts or tips on how to successfully implement a motion or some alternatives that are just as effective ?

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Coach, I agree, what are you trying to do with motion? What age group is this? Motion is used to create an unbalanced line or to give your team a numbers advantage at the point of attack. I assume you are using motion before the snap?

If you are in the younger ages, I would think that most teams will play you in a standard zone. Just line them up with trips right or left and make them stop you. Most teams will not move and stay in their zone 2-3 or 3-2. If you are playing in the older age groups, the might adjust over. I can understand using motion then to cause some confusion, but I doubt it.

Very rarely do I see motion in youth flag football. Unless they play man. I have seen teams stack 3 kids on the left, have a center and QB and the defense stays in the zone defense. Flood the left and you are basically playing 4 on 2 because they are rushing you and have a safety on the right side and a LB on the right side. That leaves the left CB and the left LB to guard all those kids.

Just my 2 cents.

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