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Need High Percentage Deep Plays

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My 13 year old, 5 on 5 team has no credible deep plays. I have devised some plays based on what I have learned from this forum, but what could be considered a high percentage deep pass play, if that even exists? I know probably everyone would like that answer and I feel it is impossible to give a definite answer but what works based on everyone's experience? A deep cross pattern? Wideouts on a fly pattern? Any advice?

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I think the best play is one that gives the QB options. Not an option as in run, but a couple options to throw to. For your age group, I think the best deep pass is a go (fly) route. If the QB can throw deep, teach him to throw to a spot and have the WR run to it. It is a simple read of the corner back. To give him options and assuming the play goes to his strong side (assume right), have the WR on the right side run a go route, have the center do a 5 to 10 yard out to the right side. Have your QB scramble right and all he has to do is read the right corner back. If the corner back goes with the go route, hit the center on the out route. If the corner back gets beat or stays short, hit the WR on the go route. At 13 years old, you could probably even put in a slot WR on the right and have him hit a 10 yard curl or out. Then you effectively have a flood right with the WR on a deep go, the slot on a 10 yard out and the center on a 5 yard out. Your QB is scrambling to the strong side and has 3 options. If they are playing a zone D, someone will always be open.

Also, corners from the center position are deadly if you can execute them well.

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Not sure there's a "credible" deep pass play that works based solely on the routes. From my experience a few things help with deep passes:

1) Set up the deep pass, similar to setting up a run or short pass by stretching the defense

2) Looking for mismatches

3) Play action with good fakes

#1 - I like to go short a few times to a certain area and make that corner play up. I'll even waste a pass throwing in the dirt. After watching the defense, I'll take one of my more savvy receivers and tell the QB to pump fake and go long. It works almost every time if you have the patience to set it up first. The pump fake works if the receiver allows the DB to suck in, then continues on route. The receiver needs to fully turn and let the QB pump first, then turn around and continue on with route. Too many times my receivers wouldn't make it realistic enough and the DB wouldn't bite. The receiver has to sell it like he's getting a short pass. Work on it in practice until your kids really understand what it looks like, both from the receiver and QB standpoint.

#2 - Similar to #1, but I'm looking for a fast receiver against a slow defender. Sometimes a simple stop n go (chair pattern) works or the pump fake again.

#3 - A good play action with solid fakes can get someone open deep, usually on an end around. Same deal though, have to set it up with two or three handoffs first. Fake has to be good with the shoulder of the RB turning away from los and continuing to run, not looking back at the QB to watch him pass.

One last deal, I have an audible that I call just for fly patterns for everyone. It actually worked. Have to read the defense though and if they seem lazy or are creeping in, we'd use that audible. Didn't matter what play I'd called, they all knew to run fly patterns. Usually, someone was open.

I think it's more about setting up the defense than running a specific route. Keep 'em guessing.

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Good post from Coach Rob and I agree on all points especially play-action and setting up the deep ball with runs or short passing game.

I think how "credible" your deep plays are depends on many factors like how good your QB, how aggressive/disciplined the defense is, what defense you are facing etc...

Some Ideas that worked for me:

Against aggressive D - I had good success with and end around or HB option. The Safety would pullup as soon as he saw the hand-off, leaving someone open deep down the sideline.

Against Zone - Just a basic over load. Use trips and send 2 deep, 1 short. 2 deep routes should split the safety and short should lock CB

Against Slow Defender/mismatch - Just fly

Good luck

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