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Sharing a few of my favorite drills for the younger age group.

Catching Triangle Drill

Pair up players or put in groups of three to throw the ball back and forth. Great way for kids to get a lot of reps in a short period of time catching and throwing the football. Coaching points make sure the passes are caught with hands outstreatched from the body. After the catch have them quickly bring the ball into the body.

Ball Switch Handoff Drill

Set up groups of three cones 5 yards apart. Set up a group of 2 or 3 players at each end of the group of cones 5 yards behind the first cone. Give a ball to the first player at one end of the cones. One go that player will run on the outside of each cone and zigzag from cone to cone. As they are running through the course they need to switch the ball back and forth between arms to keep the ball on the outside (away from the defender) as they go around the cone. One they get past the last cone they hand of to the first player in the line at the opposite end and the drill continues. Great drill for taking care of the ball and keeping it away from the defender.

Up Field Drill

Pair up players with one being the quarterback and one being the running back. Switch players after a 4 or 5 snaps the player who was quarterback will become the running back and vise versa. On the snap the quarterback will hand off to the running back. The object is to get the ball carrier to turn and square their shoulders to the line of scrimmage so they can drive the ball forward instead of running parallel to the line of scrimmage. After they have got this down you can add a few defenders to make it interesting.

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More drills...

Follow the Ball Drill

Spread out all your players around the field 5-7 yards apart facing the coach. The coach will point the ball in different directions: foward, back, left and right and finally set to pass and the players should move in the direction the ball is pointed. When the coach reaches back to pass all of the players should yell pass. Good for re-enforcing the need for all your players to find and focus on the ball.

Attack Angle Drill

Players don't always have a straight on attack when they are making a tackle or stop. Have a defender face a running back 10 yards apart. set up a cone 10 yards downfield and 10 yards wide on both the right and left side of the players. On the snap the running back takes off towards the outside of the cone on either side. The defender will need to find the correct angle of pursuit to make the stop.

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