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Iyca High School Strength & Conditioning Certification

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The IYCA High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist is the premier credential if you want to coach high school age athletes - and for the next 4 days, you can save $100 off the regular price.

Become a High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Save $100:

In this comprehensive certification program, you'll discover what you need to know about coaching & improve high school athletes performance through:

ü Proper Warm-Up Design & Method

ü Mobility: Isolate and Integrate

ü Strength Training Technique, Functionality and Programming

ü Speed and Agility Mechanics or Sport Specificity

ü Team versus Player Training

Coming from some of the top experts in the field:

Eric Cressey

Mike Robertson

Wil Fleming

Dr. Toby Brooks

This is the ONLY Certification created specifically for working with High School Athletes - and it can be yours for $100 off the normal investment of $297.

This special offer runs for just 4 days so don't miss out.

You can learn more and save $100 here:

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