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Number Of Offensive Plays 12/13Yoa

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I am considering applying to take over a 12/13 YOA team and I am hoping other coaches can provide some insight. This would be my first foray into head coaching football and I am a fundamentals kind of guy. I was thinking of running 10-15 offensive plays (run heavy) on the O side and a cover 2 defense in a run heavy league. What are most of you guys running? Anything you can pass on?

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The best teams run a few plays exceptionally well.

10 to 15 is too many to start. Select a series of plays that compliment each other, make this your core. A series like this allows you to hit all 4 defensive gaps, and attack downfield with a PA pass. The only areas you are not attacking here are the flats via pass and the "hook" zones via the pass.


1.) POWER - OFF Tackle Run "C" Gap

2.) COUNTER - Backside "C" Gap

3.) WEDGE/DIVE - "A" Gap


5.) ISO/TRAP - "B" Gap

6.) PA off OT Action or TB SWEEP PASS.

Passing should be PA, 3 Step Drop, or SMOKE/Bubble screen type plays if you have a kid that can catch and a QB that can throw it. The problem isn't catching/throwing...it's protecting the QB for any amount of time.

Defensively - Stop the Sweep/Counter/Reverse. Force them to funnel to the middle. Play a 1 gap DL scheme.

It doesn't matter what "plays you have", more plays is not the answer. You have to execute which means - players must know their assignements (OL blocking rules, GOD, GOL, SAB etc), backs must run hard with the ball, and OL must fire off and finish blocks.

Generally the most aggressive team wins.The one that HITS the hardest.

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