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Need Help Defeating A 4-3 Zone Defense

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We are a NYS 7 man league(8-10 year old) with no rushing and a 5 second count on the QB. We are in our 8th season and the team has a great record in past seasons. We were anticipated to go undefeated and we just lost to this team who shut down our powerhouse offense by running a 4 front 3 safety zone. We have about 15 plays that can run either right or left with a good mix of pass, pitch and run.

The 4 men up front played about 3 yards back and only allowed real short plays. The three floating deep safety's took away our deep game. I am thinking we need crossing routes over the middle or overload plays to compensate when we see them in the tournament, but would love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!

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My first suggestion is to design plays specifically for this team. Then practice against a 4-3 pointing out where the weaknesses will be and how to exploit them.

I’m assuming there’s a rush after 5 seconds? Is that from anywhere?

A few ideas:

Make the corners on each side commit to a receiver and throw to the other one. For example, if you have two WR's out wide on each side, one goes deep along the sidelines (decoy), the other can run a shorter route under the corner. The center can run a deep route up the middle to occupy the safety on each of these.

You could also take a WR out wide on each side and have them run slants in towards middle. That should get both outside LB’s in the 4 set to commit. Then take two receivers from the LOS and send them out in the flats towards sidelines.

Take a WR on each side and have them run at the corners and take two TEs running routes out to the flats. Again center or another los player runs deep route

Have a slot out to the right, two WR’s out wide right, one runs deep route, the other one runs a slant route across the middle, center runs another deep route. Have another receiver next to center on right go 5 yards and run route to the right sideline. Fake the hand off to the slot, receiver headed toward right sideline should be open.

I’m thinking a few successful curl patterns in front of a corner, then throw in a pump and go should also work.

All these ideas rely heavily on passing though.

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