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In A Dw Offense, Use Your Best Rb At Hb Or Fb?

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Will be coaching a group of 7 and 8s next year, most of this group is playing tackle for the first time, as they played flags together the past 2 years. Our football club is dedicated to the Double WingT offense. My best athlete is also rather tall and powerful, also the fastest.

Trying to decide if he would best be used as a fullback or halfback. Would have the speed to run great sweeps, but also would be tough to tackle running up the middle.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Considered having my top 3 or 4 rb's learning each position, and mixing and matching as the game flow dictated.

Thanks for the help.

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Not exactly sure what a Double Wing T offense is.

I coached the same age group last season, lots of first year former flag players as well.

Try to remove your previous expectations. The only thing Flag and Tackle have in common is they use a Football. Don't be afraid to move kids and try them at different postions/mixes. In general I wouldn't move them during the game, but during the week for the game, sure swap them out until you find the position that maximizes the talent and fits the kid.

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